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Available on CD:
The Grandmix is broadcasted in The Netherlands, Germany & Canada on New Years Eve of every year. Want to join in on your FM station?
When did it start ?
1983 was the year when Ben made his first GRANDMIX for radio Veronica.
This mix presented at the end of each year featured over a 100 of the year's best tracks in a one hour Non-Stop mix. These Grandmixes soon became a standard mixing masterpiece at the end of each year. They are the roots of all Non-Stop Mix CD's in Holland, and inspired many to become DJ's themselves. Some of the guys listening to these mixes whilst cycling to school are now amongst the best of the world, including Ferry Corsten, Tiësto and Armin van Buuren. Check out those early tracklists, the studios, and have a look at the equipment setup which was used for the Grandmix 92.
1999 was the year in which Radio 538 re-broadcasted all Grandmixes, as well as broadcasting the full 3 hour non-stop Millennium Grandmix which is released as a 3CD-box by Sony.

Why can't I buy the other Grandmixes on CD
The grandmixes have never been released commercially due to the fact that many artists like Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many others simply do not allow their tracks to be included in any kind of megamix. Furthermore, the royalties and the total number of titles would simply make a Grandmix to expensive to manufacture, apart from the fact that it would take months to get all the contract paperwork sorted out by lawyers costing $$$$. Bottom line, unfortunately it just is not possible to get such a mix cleared. The new Grandmixes however where conceived for CD release from the start.
Here you can find the Grandmixes which are
available on CD

Which other Mixes can I buy on CD
After receiving numerous requests for minimixes and other mixes, we have started a series of limited edition CD's, called The Ben Liebrand Collectors Editions. On these CD's you'll find Minimixes and other "hard to get" remixes, some of which have never been released before.
Check them out
, download the mp3 previews and have a look at the artwork.

What happened after the Grandmixes
Although many mixers tried to follow Ben's 10 streak of GRANDMIXES, nobody came close, as it appears to be a too great task for many to spend 30 days 12 hours per day , perfecting a mix with over 100 of the biggest dance floor hits, only to be broadcasted twice on radio. Many opted for a selection made by a small record company, based on tracks the company owned or could license from other companies, often leaving out the true hits of the year. Fortunately, many of the people who chose the music business inspired by the early Grandmixes, now occupy leading positions and together we now have the means to compile a strong playlist for these "new style" Grandmixes

The Facts about the Grandmixes
A lot of people used and abused these GRANDMIXES to put out a series of bootlegs over the years, earning easy money with Liebrand's work, which eventually caused Ben to stop making these mixes. This also seems to be the perfect spot to make things clear.

The GRANDMIX appeared 10 times from 1983 to 1992
NONE of these mixes have been release through or by Ben Liebrand
as a bootleg in all these years (so do not even try to order them here).
The GRANDMIX 88 and 89 were available to members of DMC
The GRANDMIX 90 was ready to follow , but was cancelled due to changes in the British musical copyright laws.
The GRANDMIX 2000 - 2017 are released by Sony and can be ordered here
All mixes between 1993 and 1999 presented as being GRANDMIXES
(including stuff like "Uncle Ben's" and DJ Bootleg 99 mixes) of the year 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 are NOT mixed by Ben Liebrand, and are just as illegal as all other
GRANDMIX bootlegs no matter what people would like you to believe.
As an additional mix to end the series of "In The Mix" shows on radio , Ben made the "Classics mix" featuring the best tracks from the late 1970's to roughly 1982.
From 1999 on Ben agreed with Sony on a new 3-hour format which made it possible to get these new Grandmixes released on CD. Since then there has been a Millennium Grandmix, a Summer Edition, two Disco Editions, two 90's editions and a Grandmix Nouveau Disco, al of which are
available on CD .

GRANDMIX is a registered trademark of Ben Liebrand